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Reflexology uses a variety of pressure techniques on the foot or hand. It is shown to be an excellent tool for stress and anxiety management and may help to reduce pain, while bringing an overall sense of feeling well. Because the pressure is applied to zones that interact with the nervous system, each zone corresponds to different organs and areas of the body and the pattern of pressure acts as a signal to the body to adjust tension in the corresponding areas. Using the specific manipulation patterns calms the nervous system, which in turn promotes blood circulation and the body’s immune system.


Some of the key benefits of reflexology are:

  •  Increased relaxation

  •  Stress & anxiety reduction

  •  Improved sleep quality

  •  Improved circulation – (excellent option for headaches)

  •  Boosts immunity

Will I have to disrobe?

No. Reflexology treatments work on feet and hands. Thus, clients will not remove any clothing, except socks and shoes.

Do you use a hypoallergenic oil/cream?
Reflexology actually doesn’t use any oils or creams! Bare, dry skin is best to ensure proper technique. The Reflexologist will only use a cotton pad soaked with witch hazel prior to your treatment to disinfect
the work area.

Does it hurt?

Clients may experience mild tenderness occasionally, similar to a light press on an old bruise. Your feedback about these tender spots helps your Reflexologist know where to concentrate and help move any blocks and pain.

Who could benefit from a reflexology treatment?
Reflexology treatments are non-invasive and the pressure used is regulated to suit the client. This means they can be performed on anyone from the very young to the elderly.


  • A person who wants a general "tune-up" or for an unhealthy body.

  • A person who is interested in non-chemical alternative to help manage pain

  • A person who wants to reduce stress and achieve relaxation.

  • A person who is pregnant.

  • Pre-surgically and post surgically.

How often should I get a treatment?
While it would be very unusual to require a treatment more than once per week, a weekly treatment is initially recommended when working to address a specific situation. This is because the benefits of a session continue to last for about 5 to 7 days. Most clients report they could “feel” they were ready for a top-up at about day 6.

To get the most benefit from reflexology, it is recommended you have a weekly treatment for three to six weeks to address a specific situation. As it resolves, it is recommended to reduce the frequency to
every other week or monthly. For someone who is using reflexology treatments as part of the self-care routine for general wellness,
the frequency will be entirely personal choice.

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Martyn - Reflexology Fees

  • $75 / 1 hour

  • (All fees include HST)

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