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Infant Massage

Is your baby colicky? 

Does he/she have constipation? 

Do you want to increase your confidence and sensitivity as you learn to read and respond to your babies' cues?

Unable to keep the milk down?

Do you desire to create a stronger bond with your little one?

Do you want your baby to be relaxed and sleep longer throughout the night?

Teething problems? Breathing problems?

You should try Infant massage.

Benefits of Infant Massage 

Helps Relieve Discomfort from Gas, Colic, and Constipation
Improves Blood Circulation
Aids in Digestion
Enhanced Development of the Nervous System  
Stimulates Neurological Development
Increases Alertness/Heightened Awareness
Reduces Stress Hormones
Improves Immune Function
The Release of Oxytocin, the Nurturing Hormone

When should I massage my baby?

Massaging your baby too soon after a feeding might cause your baby to vomit — so wait at least 45 minutes after a feeding. Also pay close attention to your baby's mood. If your baby appears alert, calm and content, he or she might enjoy a massage. If your baby turns his or her head away from you or becomes stiff in your arms, it might not be the best time for a massage.

When and how often you massage your baby is up to you. You might give your newborn a daily massage. Your toddler might enjoy a massage at night as a soothing part of his or her bedtime routine.


Let Rose help you with easing your baby's discomfort to turn that cry into many smiles.  She can also teach you how to do some techniques at home to have add a new fun routine to bond with your wee one.

Fees are as follows:

  • $70 / 30 minutes

All fees include HST

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