Is it mandatory for clients and RMT's to wear masks?

  • Yes, RMTs are required to wear surgical masks while within two metres of clients including while providing treatment.
  • For Clients: Government and public health organizations have indicated masks should be used when two metres of physical distance cannot be maintained, even if all parties have screened negative and do not have any COVID-19 symptoms.

Can RMTs wear cloth masks?

No, RMTs should not wear cloth masks when within two metres of a client or during treatment. COVID-19 is spread primarily via droplets. Cloth masks may be significantly less effective at containing droplets than surgical/procedure masks, particularly when damp or moist. They are also significantly less likely to protect the wearer against inhalation of droplets or particles.

Are clients required to wear masks during treatment? What if I refuse?

In accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Health’s recommendation to wear masks whenever physical distancing is not possible, Rose must instruct the client to come to the appointment wearing a clean disposable or reusable mask to be worn throughout the treatment. Rose will provide the first surgical mask complimentary or you can bring your own (cloth acceptable) and request to have the client bring it in with every treatment. Should the client happen to forget theirs, Rose will charge an additional $2 on top of the treatment fee. Rose will advise the client how to properly put on and take off the mask to limit possible transmission of COVID-19. If the client cannot wear a mask (e.g. due to a health condition or difficulty breathing), however in the case that it is not possible, Rose will have to exercise her professional judgement to assess the risk of providing or continuing treatment. If she determines it is not safe to provide treatment without the client wearing a mask, the Rose can refuse to treat the client. If a client refuses to participate in any reasonable infection prevention measures that have been implemented, the RMT can refuse to treat the client at that time.

What types of gloves are acceptable?

It will not be mandatory for RMT's to use gloves during treatment. If gloves are used (for example, during treatments that pose a higher risk of transmission, such as intraoral treatments), the gloves should be single-use non-sterile nitrile or latex examination or medical gloves. These gloves are an effective barrier for disease transmission, are durable enough for manual work, and provide a fit that allows for high dexterity.

  • Latex gloves should only be used with water-based topical products and when the client and RMT do not have a latex allergy or sensitivity.
  • Nitrile gloves can be used for all clients with oil or water-based topical products. Rose uses nitrile gloves.
  • Vinyl gloves are not recommended because they may not be durable enough for manual work.

What type of cleaning and disinfecting agents do you use?

RMTs must use products approved by Health Canada by cross-referencing the Drug Identification Number (DIN) on the product container with the list on the Health Canada website.

How do you clean and disinfect in between clients?

To reduce the risks of contact and droplet transmission associated with COVID 19, Rose uses a local linen service that is able to decontaminate the linens, face cradles, towels and hospital gowns. The pillow is made covered entirely by a plastic pillowcase that is swapped out every hour to ensure a 2 hour decontamination process and wiped down with a hard surface disinfectant approved by Health Canada. Items that cannot be cleaned and disinfected after every client have been removed from the treatment room.


When Your Wellness Journey re-opens you will notice changes in Practice.
  1. When booking your appointment, Rose will screen over the phone for Covid-19 symptoms

  2. Rose will take your temperature with an infrared thermometer. If the temp is over 100 degrees, she will make the professional decision to send you home.  We want to keep everyone safe at this time.

  3. The client will sanitize/wash hands before and after treatment.  Enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols, in accordance with Public Health guidelines.  Rose will be washing/ sanitizing in between each patient interaction. There will be hand sanitizer throughout the office for easy access

  4. Rose will be taking additional measures during this time period. She will be increasing the frequency for disinfecting and sanitizing the massage table, chair, door handles, face cradles, massage table covers etc. 

  5. There will be new flooring, new chair in the treatment room, touchless garbage  

  6. Rose be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (masks, hospital gowns, possible gloves)

  7. Payment:  Upgraded tap now available for Debit, Mastercard and Visa 

  8. Re-booking can be done online, after your appointment or we can arrange a callback at the end of the work day.  

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